Do you want to invest in Spain?

I offer you a comprehensive and personalised service to buy properties in Spain, wherever you are.

If you are thinking of:

  • expanding your assets or
  • living or enjoying temporarily in the province of Alicante

I will help you to find the right property in the best conditions, defending your interests and your peace of mind.

I'm Marina Latorre, Buyer's Agent

After several years as a real estate agent selling properties, I have turned my business around and now focus on helping foreign clients who want to invest in Spain by buying properties.

I accompany you throughout the whole process, to make sure that this important transaction for you is viable, tailored to your needs and has all the legal and technical requirements to be successful.

Although I lived in Germany for several years, far away from my native Zaragoza, nowadays I am based in Polop, a small village in the Marina Baixa in Alicante. From here, I help you to make your dream of buying a property come true wherever you are and take care of all the necessary steps: from the first contact until you sign at the Notary.

If you are not in Spain

Then it is even more important that you have someone on the ground to be your eyes and ears and to make sure that everything goes according to your plans.

There are legal and administrative requirements for a foreigner that are necessary to buy a property in Spain. I have an extensive network of contacts and professionals with whom I collaborate and who will solve all your needs.

Book a meeting here and we can talk about it.

Marina Latorre. Buyer's Agent

Why a Buyer's Agent?

Until recently, the well-known figure was that of the estate agent, who deals with the sale of real estate. It was always the buyer who was left uncovered, but who defended him?

The role of buyer's agent has been established in Spain for years, although in other countries it has been in place for decades and it is even compulsory to have one.

As a buyer's agent, I help you to make that project you have in mind of buying a property in Spain a reality, even if you live abroad.

I take care of all the necessary steps to make this happen, representing you and defending your interests throughout the process.

What can I do for you?

I provide you with professional advice so that the purchase of your property in Spain comes to fruition.

I represent you in a totally impartial way, as I am an independent buyer's agent and have no ties to any real estate business, so I can focus completely on your wishes and needs without any conflict of interest.

I focus on finding those properties that match the wants and needs you have conveyed, filtering out those that truly fit your description. I have access to a wide range of resources, including non-public listings, realtor networks, and detailed knowledge of the local market.

I negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price and terms.

If you are a foreigner, I provide you with the right professionals to help you obtain the necessary requirements to buy a property in Spain, such as NIE and a bank account.


So we do


There is a first meeting where you give information about your objectives and we can work out all the details of the operation. This will be reflected in a written agreement.


I start searching and filtering the properties that fit your indications, with visits that I will make on your behalf or with you and we prepare a negotiation proposal.


I will check that your chosen property is legally viable, and once it is in conformity, I will prepare the documentation for the earnest money contract and for the signing of the title deeds at the Notary.


Benefits for you

Financial savings

You will save money on the transaction as I will negotiate to get you the best conditions

Time saving

I search, filter, and visit the properties, managing all the professionals and the required documentation

Good bye worries

I am your ally from start to finish. I take care of everything, you keep your peace of mind.

I represent you "in situ" for your peace of mind

From the first contact until you have the keys in your hand, I will be by your side


Tel. +34 611 51 22 22



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