What is a buyer's agent?

The buyer's agent, your ally.

Everyone knows what a real estate agent is: they help you sell your property, looking out for your benefit.

What happens when you are on the opposite side and want to buy? Well, you don't have the support of a person who accompanies you throughout the whole process and defends your interests, as happens with selling.

That is the figure of the buyer's agent, who is a professional who will go hand in hand with you, represent you and look after your interests at all times.

As an independent buyer's agent, that is my role.



You have decided to buy a property in Spain Congratulations!

This project is very important to you, and you want it to go smoothly. It is often complex when there are situations to solve, even more so if you are outside the country or are not familiar with the process: a multitude of paperwork to manage, documentation, checks, visits and meetings, among other things.

So where do we start?


1. Establish your objectives

We have a meeting where you can let me know what are your objectives and motivations for this project. What has led you to make this decision? Do you want to move to the coast taking advantage of the great weather we have in Alicante? Or maybe you want to invest in a property (touristic or not) that will generate profits? It is important to know what motivates you to take this step and what you hope to achieve.

In that appointment we will also talk about what the usual process is and how to align it with your needs.

Based on our conversation and the ideas gathered, I will prepare a budget and a draft contract that will reflect the agreement that will outline the outline of this assignment.

I will then ask you for details of the property you are looking for: your particular needs, what is really important to you, and what is not so important but desirable. It is paramount that I have as much information as possible to find what really fits what you want.

2. Search and selection

And from there, the search begins! I will scan the market until I find what you like. I will select several properties according to your indications and send them to you, so that you can filter those that really fit your wishes.

Once chosen, I can visit them on your behalf if this is not possible for you and send you a detailed report on each one, so that you can make an informed and accurate decision.

When you decide on one of them, which really is the one you want, we will prepare an offer and the necessary legal and technical checks will be made so that everything is in order and ready for the operation. To do this, I will coordinate appointments with the necessary professionals: lawyer, architect, renovation companies, etc.

3. Conformity and closing

The next step is to prepare the documentation required for the reservation and the earnest money contract. At this point we have already reached an agreement with the seller and proceed to reserve the property. The last step in this process will be the appointment with the notary. Different documents will have to be processed and a date will have to be agreed for the purchase to become effective.

And then the big day will come: the signing of the title deed at the notary's office where you will appear as the owner, and you will leave with the keys to your new property in your pocket!

There will still be some formalities to do, such as payment of taxes, registration in the land registry and others that I can also take care of if you need me to.

I am at your side at all times to find the right property for you in the best conditions, defending your interests and your peace of mind.


Do you have any questions? Please, send them to me here

I'll be happy to answer them.

Si te parece interesante, comparte. ¡Gracias!